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The CAM60 is a high-res, 2MPix, IP camera. This AT91SAM9260-based (ARM926) stand-alone computer is an excellent choice for surveillance and machine vision applications. The CAM60 adds an image sensor to the KB9260 development board.

The unit can be powered from either an AC wall adapter or Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The low power requirement and small footprint make it easy to install. If using the PoE, a single Ethernet cable is used to power the CAM60, log-in to the system, and snap images.

The on-board, color image sensor supports a variety of resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 at a maximum of 30 frames per second. It supports YUV or it can generate JPEG images directly from the sensor without processor overhead. This enables the CAM60 to function as a JPEG server or MJPEG server at a greater frame rate than would be possible with processor-generated JPEG conversion.

Reading images from the sensor is easy. See the sample program used to take an example machine-vision picture. The ballpoint pen is shown in the picture for reference. The image sensor lens is adjusted by manual focus. Adjustment is not normally required, but can be used when viewing objects very close to the lens.

The sample movies shown on the side bar were taken from mjpg-streamer running on the CAM60 and viewed/recorded using VLC on a host in real time. The raw movie is much larger, but shows greater image quality while the compressed movies are smaller and can be used for reference. The raw movie is saved in OGG format and can be viewed with VLC Media Player. The compressed movies were converted from the original ogg using ffmpeg tools. These movies are compressed in size and time.

Sample mjpg-streamer session running on CAM60 board:

Please see the KB9260 for more information about the processor board.

The CAM60 is now shipping from our on-line store.

Technical Specs

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Atmel AT91SAM9260 processor
  • 200 MHz, ARM926EJ-S core with Java acceleration and DSP instruction extensions
  • Independent 8KB instruction and 8KB data caches
  • 64 MB SDRAM
  • 8 MB boot/kernel Flash
  • 256 MB NAND Flash
  • 10/100 Ethernet port
  • 1 x USB 2.0 full speed device channel at header
  • 15 x GPIO (maximum, configurable shared with other functions)
  • 1 x debug serial channel (TTL)
  • 2 x programmable clocks
  • 3 x timer/counter/PWM channels
  • 4 x analog input ADC channels
  • Image sensor up to 1600x1200, 30fps (max)
  • Power options: Integrated 802.3af (PoE) module, Integrated on-board DC auxiliary supply module, external regulation
  • 3.3" x 3.5" x 1.1" case (optional)

Development kits

The board is offered with the following package options:

Basic Option

This option includes a KB9260 board with boot loader, recent Linux kernel (currently 2.6.24), and Buildroot/uClibc installed.

The following options are also available:
Power options: none (external +3.3VDC regulation), integrated auxiliary module (for use with wall supply), integrated PoE module.

Open source packages are used on the CAM60 and these sources are available for download from the corresponding external sites as well as KwikByte FTP servers.

A sample Ångström root file system is also available for download (at right). This is a flat file tree taken from the sample console image built at Linux4SAM (Requires EABI kernel).

Pricing Information


Special introductory price of $199.99 includes board and image sensor
*** Limited time only

Contact our sales department for volume discount information.

Want to make changes to the CAM60? We design and manufacture boards modified to your specs. Please contact us for more information.

More Information

Press Release

Sample Source Code

Sample Image (close-up)

Sample Image (close outdoor)

Sample Image (near outdoor)

Sample Movie from mjpg-streamer (15MB ogg format)

Compressed Time/Size Sample Movie (1.2MB avi format)

Compressed Time/Size Sample Movie (1.2MB mp4 format)

Updated root file system and image sensor driver

Sample Angstrom file system

Press Release

Press Release (PDF format)