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KwikByte provides low-cost embedded development hardware solutions and custom hardware services ranging from concept to production. Founded in 2003, KwikByte is located in Tempe, AZ.

ECosCentric Support

eCos is a mature and robust technology with many design wins to its credit in a diverse range of market segments. These markets include industrial, telematics, consumer, aerospace, and telecommunications. The system's popularity continues to grow as demonstrated by the Embedded Market Study, Final Report, November 2002 from CMP, which placed eCos usage at 5% of the RTOS market. eCosPro® is eCosCentric's industrial strength distribution of eCos.

eCosCentric announces eCosPro® Developer's Kit for KB9200/KB9201/KB9202:

eCos is a free open source runtime system that is totally configurable.

eCosPro® Developer's Kit Highlights

  • Royalty and license fee free deployment
  • Small footprint, portable, configurable RTOS
  • Eclipse-based IDE
  • GNU toolset: C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker and debugger
  • Graphical RTOS configuration tool
  • Profiling, code coverage and memory allocation debug tools
  • Windows® and/or Linux® hosted development environments
  • Real-time response with microsecond level interrupt latencies
  • Full multithreading with a rich set of syncronization primitives
  • Libraries: ANSI C, math, libstdc++, POSIX, uITRON
  • Full TCP/IP networking support including PPP and HTTPD
  • File systems: ROM, RAM, Journaling Flash, MSDOS
  • Drivers: Ethernet, UART, Flash, CF, MMC, SPI, I2C, RTC, watchdog, etc*
  • Optional PEG embedded GUI package
  • Complete sources of all runtime components
  • Full technical support service included
  • Everything you need to develop embedded real-time applications
  • *CF, MMC, SPI, I2C not currently supported on KB920x

eCosPro® has been fully qualified and tested with KwikByte's KB9200, KB9201, and KB9202 boards.

See http://www.ecoscentric.com/ecospro.html for more details.
eCosPro® product brief: http://www.ecoscentric.com/datasheets/eCosPro-040323.pdf
Company overview: http://www.ecoscentric.com/datasheets/eCosCentric-040323.pdf

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About eCosCentric
eCosCentric specializes in delivering products and services for the embedded systems market based on open source technology, with a specific focus on the eCos real-time operating system.