TI OMAP35xx drop-in system module


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91RM9200


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91SAM9260


KB9260 with on-board camera


ARM9 single board computer with display capability implementing AT91SAM9G20


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91SAM9261

KBOC_BB1 - VGA/DVI Example Movies

This page shows the real performance of the KBOC_BB1. This demonstration shows the system running a spreadsheet, a word processor, a web browser, and playing a movie trailer. At the beginning, the system configuration is shown: KBOC System Module with KBOC_BB1 baseboard, USB mouse, USB keyboard, VGA port connected to one display, DVI port connected to another display, SD card, and input power jack. Please note: this demonstration is executed using the OMAP3503 - the least expensive member of the OMAP35xx family!

The spreadsheet program is open-source Gnumeric. The word processor program is open-source AbiWord. The movie trailer shown includes excerpts from an open movie titled Elephants Dream. This trailer is somewhat dark, but the frame rate is great on the system and playback is smooth.

View a game demo or the LCD demo.

See the User Information document for detailed information.

Development kits

The KBOC_BB1 is available now at our on-line store.

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KBOC_BB1 User Information

LCD Connection Picture