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We needed a single board computer to serve as a generic solution for numerous in-house projects: motor controller, remote Ethernet sensor, whole-house surround sound units, interactive remote kitchen computer, and even robotics controller. Our vain search for a low-cost, high-performance, easy-to-use, embedded development system was so disappointing, we just decided to design our own hardware. Our first development/evaluation board, the KB9200, has evolved into the KB9202 and is joined by other boards (see our PRODUCTS section for more information) based on various processors.

The creation of our Expert Services department was driven by customer demand for custom hardware and software design services. We have helped many customers make their projects a success.

The purpose of creating this company was to offer development boards to the internet community. Our small overhead allows us to offer these boards at a lower cost. In response to customer requests for modified development boards and custom hardware, we expanded our services to address this need by providing expert hardware and software services.

We have created strategic partnerships with companies that develop and support operating-specific software development packages. This allows us to offer complete development kits. The combination of our products, development packages, and Expert Services makes KwikByte a market leader in embedded solutions.

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction and take pride in all aspects of our work. A happy customer is the best form of advertising we’ve found.

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Our mission is to produce high-quality, reliable, low-cost embedded development boards and provide superior custom-design services.