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KwikByte provides low-cost embedded development hardware solutions and custom hardware services ranging from concept to production. Founded in 2003, KwikByte is located in Tempe, AZ.

Viosoft Toolkit

KwikByte and Viosoft announce complete development kit for KB9202:

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA (June 27, 2005) – Viosoft, a pioneer of fully integrated embedded Linux software solutions, and KwikByte, manufacturer of low-cost embedded development board, announced the release of a complete sub-$500 ARM920T-based embedded development kit. Consisting of KwikByte’s KB9202 development board and a full-featured version of the Arriba Embedded Linux Edition, the kit enables end-to-end cross-platform development and debug from Linux or Windows hosts.

“The combination of a low-cost, compact form-factor ARM-based board and cross-platform tools and debugger enables students, hobbyists, and grass-root developers to have a complete end-to-end development experience with embedded Linux at a price point they can afford,” said Hieu Tran of Viosoft. “Integration of the Arriba source level debugger and the KwikByte KB9202 provides a fast and non-intrusive means for developers to debug their drivers, modules, and applications over Ethernet,” he added.

The KB9202 development board is built on Atmel’s 180MHz ARM920T-based AT91RM9200 chip. The board includes 32 MB SDRAM, 16 MB flash, SD/MMC slot, USB 2.0 host and device ports, 10/100 Ethernet, 5 serial channels (two multiplexed on the 9-pin connector), monochrome graphic LCD interface, IrDA transceiver, temperature sensor, 16 KB EEPROM, RTC, DMA, SPI flash sites, 3 user LEDs, JTAG interface, and expansion ports.

Hosted on both Linux and Windows, the Arriba Embedded Linux Edition for the KB9202 includes a complete Linux 2.6.11 kernel distribution, cross tool-chain, and a port of Viosoft VMON2 debug monitor. Differentiating features include:

  • Patch-less, on-demand debugging with high-speed connectivity over Ethernet.
  • Non-preemptive operation enables kernel drivers to be debugged without blocking servicing of IRQs.
  • Multi-thread/process debugging.

The Arriba for KB9202 development kit is available immediately at $499.99 US from both Viosoft and KwikByte. The kit includes the KB9202 board, serial cable, and distribution CD.

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About Viosoft
Viosoft is a pioneer provider of fully integrated embedded Linux software solutions. Founded in 1997, Viosoft is based in Campbell, CA, and has its sales organization located in Boston, MA.