TI OMAP35xx drop-in system module


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91RM9200


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91SAM9260


KB9260 with on-board camera


ARM9 single board computer with display capability implementing AT91SAM9G20


ARM9 single board computer implementing AT91SAM9261


The KBOC_BB2 provides card-edge connectivity for the powerful KBOC OMAP35xx System Module. While many hardware configuration options are possible with the KBOC module, the BB2 captures a typical set of hardware functions useful in a variety of applications.

The KBOC module was designed to be completely compatible with the Beagle Board. The BB2 adds some features not found on the Beagle Board - such as on-board Ethernet jack, USB host port power, IrDA receiver, easy-to-wire display/LCD expansion, and Bluetooth capability. The original 10-pin serial header is replaced with a standard USB-serial interface header. The display signals are also wired to large, 0.100" through-hole headers. This greatly simplifies adding new display interfaces.

The low power consumption, fanless operation, small size, audio support, IrDA interface, and low cost of ownership make the system ideal for set-top-box, desktop-level computing, digital/remote signage, facility monitoring, human-machine interfaces, and thin-client applications.

The BB2 also supports Power-over-Ethernet operation - making remote installations a snap.


Technical Specs

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Texas Instruments OMAP35xx
    Dual-Issue, ARM Cortex-A8 @ 600MHz
    64x+DSP @ 430MHz
    Peak MMACS 3440
    64-Ch EDMA,32-Bit Channel SDMA
  • 256 MB DDR
  • 512 MB NAND
  • SD/MMC
  • 10/100 Mbps RJ45 Ethernet jack
  • 1 x USB 2.0 HS USB host port
  • 1 x debug serial port
  • 1 x IrDA receiver (over serial port)
  • Bluetooth module (optional)
  • HDMI display output at connector
  • Display signals also at 0.100" headers
  • Audio line-out at RCA connectors
  • 12 x 32-Bit GP Timers
  • 2 x 32-Bit WD
  • Display Graphics accelerator
  • 5VDC input voltage at power jack or PoE module
  • 5" x 4"

Development kits

The KBOC_BB2 is available including KBOC now at our on-line store.

Pricing Information


The KBOC_BB2 is offered for a limited time at the special introductory price of $149.99. The package includes OMAP3530 System Module, 256MB RAM, 512 MB NAND, and the KBOC_BB2 with display output connector.

Want to make changes to the KBOC, KBOC_BB2, or need custom base boards? We design and manufacture boards modified to your specs. Please contact us for more information.

More Information

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KBOC_BB2 Schematic

KBOC_BB2 STEP File (zip 5MB)

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