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TI OMAP3530 KBOC Baseboard (BB2) Released at $150

TI OMAP35xx KBOC Baseboard (BB1) Released

CAM60 Released

TI OMAP35xx KBOC System Module Released

Thank you for visiting us at booth 746 at ESC Silicon Valley 2009!

KBK9G20 Released

KwikByte Works with FRC to Produce DriverStation

KB9260 Released

GPIO/LED Sample app available at KB9202 page and FTP server

KBAT9261 ("BAT6") Released

Build an FTP server in minutes on the KB9202B

KB9202C Released

KB9202 User Guide available

Complete Linux development kit available for KB920x


Our off-the-shelf evaluation boards, development kits, and single board computers allow you to begin work immediately. Plug-in and start using the board within minutes. Boards include schematics and utility programs with source code to help jump-start your product development.


Eliminate risk, reduce cost, and speed time-to-market with our Expert Services. Our hardware team designs custom boards and circuits to meet your requirements. Our software team designs boot loaders, device drivers, and custom programs to run on our hardware or yours. Combined, our experienced staff designs the high-risk portions of your product or the entire system. From concept, through design, to production and test, we guarantee satisfaction.